Red/Green Tee Medal and Stablefords
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Medal and Stableford Competitions played off Red and Green Tees

We now set up a single competition on Balgownie Links with the choice of red and green tees (except for trophy competitions that are red tee only); this is in line with CONGU recommendations (appendix O). Always remember to tick the box for the tees you played.

For Medals, the difference in SSS for red tees (77) and green tees (72) gives players on red tees an additional allowance of 5 shots. This is a “competition handicap allowance” to ensure fair comparison of play on red/green tees. Our software is still not as clear as it needs to be but the calculations are all done correctly. The competition handicap allowance is labelled “handicap” on the results sheets, so please do not be misled by this. We will attempt to get the labelling improved for 2017.

For Stableford scores, the allowance is different, based on SSS relative to par, 77/76 for red and 72/73 for green respectively. Achieving 35 points on red tees or 37 on green would be playing to handicap. For correct comparison, players on red tees therefore get an additional allowance of 2. All you have to do is to note is that you have 2 extra shots and do not pick up your ball prematurely. Don’t be concerned about a mistake in calculating points; it is your score (the total number of shots) on each hole that you sign for.

We hope that this notice answers your questions but are happy to deal with any further queries, Nuala Booth and Handicap Team, Nov 2016

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